The Cliffs of Fremont

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Fremont Canyon

Fremont Canyon is probably one of the most beautiful, and distinct canyons you will ever see. Shear rock walls cutting hundreds of feet down to crystal clear, lavender colored river make this a must see when cruising thru Central Wyoming. About 50 miles southwest of Casper, this magnificent area on the North Platte River is popular for many types of Outdoor Recreation. The most popular being Rock Climbing and it's various disciplines. The Climbing is amazing!!...and just as cool to watch. Climbers, sometimes hundreds of feet in the air, can be seen directly off of Fremont Canyon Road...dangerously dangling and slowly picking their way up the rock. According to my Climbing buddies, this is where the best of the best come to show off their skills. Again, very cool to see!! Another activity that has become popular in Fremont, which I just learned about via Youtube, is the Rope Swing. Climbers will hook up an extremely strong, heavy duty climbing rope to the Fremont Canyon Bridge (can't miss it heading down CO RD 408). They attach the rope to their climbing harness and basically jump off....swinging hundreds off feet below the bridge thru the belly of the canyon. I've only seen videos of this, but hope to see it live this weekend as I am heading down there for a fishing trip. This would be an unbelievable site to witness. Fishing is also very good in the Canyon. There was some stream restoration a few years back that really brought the river back to life. Now it is a trophy fishery with the potential of 10 pound trout an easy reality. Kayaking thru the canyon is also very popular. The shear cliff walls make this unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It's almost like kayaking thru a Cathedral...great for echoes. There are also some fantastic hiking trails around the cliffs of the canyon and Pathfinder Dam, another amazing sight to check out. If you are looking for an off the beaten trail, stunningly beautiful area to take in what Wyoming is all about....Fremont Canyon on the North Platte is a great option!! Check out Casper while your in the area as well!


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