Yellowstone Wildflowers in Full Bloom

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We had a wet winter and spring this year in Yellowstone and the result has been an outpouring of lush grass and wildflowers. The bears love eating the flowers, of course, and they also make great photo subjects.

It always seemed kind of silly to visit a place of grand natural beauty and spend the time taking close-up pictures of flowers, ignoring things like the mountains and geysers. But who can resist them this season? The key is to find a distinctive background to make your flower picture a permanent reminder of Yellowstone.

Wildflower in front of Mt. Haynes overlook

Wildflower in front of Mt. Haynes overlook

This shot was taken at the Mt. Haynes overlook about seven miles into the park from the entrance at West Yellowstone, Montana. This is a great photo location no matter the time of year and it's worth a stop on your way to Old Faithful.

For this picture I did the following:

  1. left home at 5:30 a.m.
  2. used the macro mode of the camera to focus on the flower
  3. positioned the camera to have the Mt. Haynes overlook nicely balancing it in the back.

Getting there early in the morning means better lighting and, as in this case when the weather is right, steam rising from the Madison River. So go ahead and take pictures of the remarkable wildflowers this year and with the right technique you can make them a memorable Yellowstone picture.


Damage to Firehole Lake Drive. Photo by NPS

Yellowstone Roads - Are They Melting?

Firehole Lake Drive, a side road to the Grand Loop Road, was closed for a few days due to the asphalt "melting." A 16-mile portion of the Grand Loop is also being repaired and plans are to move the road.