Near East Entrance

Elephant Head Lodge near Yellowstone's East Entrance

A cow moose with her calf at Elephant Head Lodge near Yellowstone
A cow moose with her calf at Elephant Head Lodge near YellowstoneCourtesy Elephant Head Lodge

President Theodore Roosevelt called the 50-mile stretch between Cody and Yellowstone National Park’s East Entrance the “50 most beautiful miles in America.”

If he visited today, he may add that it’s one of the most uncrowded experiences you can have so close to the park. Dotted with historic lodges like Elephant Head Lodge, which was opened by Buffalo Bill Cody’s niece in 1910 (while modernized over time it still retains its original charm), you’re guaranteed an authentic experience. 

Cabins under Elephant Head Rock
Cabins under Elephant Head RockCourtesy Elephant Head Lodge

Less than 12 miles from Yellowstone’s East Entrance, Elephant Head Lodge’s small log-cabin mountain resort sits at the edge of Shoshone National Forest. The lodge and most of the cabins are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The restaurant dining room offers breakfast and dinner off the menu, the option of a sack lunch for the day ahead, as well as excellent homemade soups, breads, and desserts.

For more information:
1170 Yellowstone Hwy (North Fork Highway), Cody, WY 82414