Lake Lodge Cabins in Yellowstone

Lake Lodge has inviting cozy cabins and cafeteria-style dining that create a family-friendly atmosphere.
Lake Lodge in Yellowstone. NPS photo by David Restivo

Lake Lodge in Yellowstone. NPS photo by David Restivo

From here, time is captured in the shimmering reflections of lakeside mountains. Lake Lodge has inviting cozy cabins and cafeteria-style dining that create a family-friendly atmosphere.

Located near the shores of Yellowstone Lake more of less in the middle of Yellowstone, the Lake Lodge Cabins’ lodge is a charming shingle and log-hewn building with large porch with rocking chairs. Inside are two stone-framed fireplaces, one with leather couches and chairs around it.

Cabin building at Yellowstone's Lake Lodge.

Cabin building at Yellowstone's Lake Lodge. NPS photo by David Restivo

Choose among 186 cabins, some that look like 1960s-era structures rather than charming cabins, that come with a variety of amenities. The cabins comes with private baths in recently renovated Western and Frontier style cabins, as well as basic Pioneer cabins. 

From the lodge property, you will have stunning views of the Yellowstone Lake and the mountains that roll up to it. Take in the views after a day of exploring while rocking on the rocking chairs on the porch.

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The front porch of Yellowstone's Roosevelt Lodge.

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Relax on the porch at Old Faithful Lodge. NPS photo by Diane Renkin

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Old Faithful Snow Lodge Entrance. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

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Despite its name, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins is open both in winter and in summer. Winter finds the Snow Lodge in its element, although access is limited to snowcoaches and snowmobiles.

The Lake Hotel in Yellowstone with a retro-looking tour bus out front. Photo by NPS Neal Herbert

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Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn at night

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