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Bozeman Spirits, Award-Winning Montana Distillery

Arnold and Artisan Stills at Bozeman Spirits
Arnold and Artisan Stills at Bozeman Spirits. Photo by Jim Harris courtesy of Bozeman Spirits

“Drink local” is the motto of the Bozeman Spirits distillery in downtown historic Bozeman. And there may be no better locally concocted cocktail than the distillery’s Montana Huckleberry Mule. Made with huckleberry-flavored vodka, it’s served in a copper mug in the saloon-inspired tasting room.

Mary Pat Harris co-founded Bozeman Spirits Distillery with her husband Jim in 2014. Originally from Miles City, Mont., Mary Pat runs the side of the business that does sales and marketing with liquor stores, vendors and restaurants. The couple shares a passion for supporting Montana agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. They run a three-tier business with manufacturer, retail and wholesale operations. 

Using local grains as often as possible, the distillery produces whiskey, vodka, gin and rum, all distilled and bottled on site. And if you like what you are sipping, bring a taste of Montana home with you. Purchase a bottle on site or throughout Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota. 

The tasting room at Bozeman Spirits.
The tasting room at Bozeman Spirits.Photo by Jim Harris courtesy of Bozeman Spirits
Huckleberry Lemondrop at Bozeman Spirits
Order the Huckleberry Lemondrop (pictured) or the Montana Huckleberry MuleCourtesy Bozeman Spirits

For more information:
Bozeman Spirits
(406) 577-2155
121 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715